Local people helping local people


Here at the garage we value our loyal customers. It’s not about getting as many customers as possible, ploughing through as many cars as we can, doing the bare minimum for the maximum profit. It’s about looking after our own, doing the best job possible and keeping your trusty wheels rolling on, time after time. Our prices and outlooks are fair. No matter what vehicle you arrive in we will do out upmost to provide the best solution for your problem. No judgements, no rip-offs, no fingers pointed or noses looked down. Just local people helping local people. (Or not so local when a lost tourist or traveller trundles in, as the case may be…)


Bop Bop

Laura is well known to our guys up at Jane’s Jubilee Garage. Her beloved VW Transporter Bop Bop has paid us many a visit and Ian and the boys know it well. They fitted the wheels, tyres and light guards. Alongside servicing and MOT they have replaced the cam belt, fixed the suspension and brakes, and fitted a new exhaust.
Laura recently said, “You guys have helped us out so many times. Very knowledgeable about quirky T4s! Bop Bop is in safe hands and I like the fact I am not ripped off and treated like a stupid girl when I go there. Garages can be stressful for women!”
We are so glad to have been such a help, vans can be a nightmare!
Laura was also the happy winner of our Free MOT competition, so we will be keeping Bop Bop cruising around Cornwall for another year!



Rolling Home

Our marketing girl Lottie is constantly grateful she works for a garage. Not only does she love her van, but she also appears to love knocking it about. To be fair it’s normally under pretty hardcore conditions. (Gridlock on the A30 at Chybucca can definitely be classed as hardcore…) Lottie bought her van a year ago from the garage, as an ex-trade van. She converted it into a camper, had the boys fit it with some massive snow tyres and drove off to the alps where she worked as a driver for a snowboard shop. It was a long, cold winter and accidents happen. She slipped on ice during one snow storm and crashed into a wall. When Lottie returned with a smashed bumper the boys had her fixed up in no time! They re-fitted her normal tyres and the van lived on to see another MOT with only a few issues, which were met head on by everyone at the garage. “I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!”



The heart and soul of Jane’s Jubilee Garage are our customers.

“Amazing people at Jane’s Jubilee Garage. Always fair, reliable and awesome. Never leave there without laughing. Skeletors mum approves, just make sure your guinea pigs are kept inside!” – Mel Gallie

“Excellent service and knowledge of an old machine, friendly and not money grabbing, what more do you need?” – Dave Henry

“Thanks guys for looking after my rory & jazz ,wouldn’t trust anyone else with them . You are the best , slightly mad , but the best.” – Jason Hall




Classic Cars in West Cornwall

Here at the garage we love all our cars and our customers. We love the creaky vans, doubling up as work horses and rolling homes. We love the rusty little bugs that are rescued from the scrap yards and end up in the safe hands of our mechanics. We love your everyday family cars, safe and reliable, trooping along to every school run and birthday party. But occasionally we have something very special and rare roll through our doors.

Triumphs and Jaguars

We have had a few beauties recently. Classic cars in beautiful condition looking for a bit of love. Our skilled service garage and fully equipped MOT station get them running smoothly again in no time, and where there is passion there is a desire for perfection. We had a Jaguar XK140 on our hands last year: reimported from the USA and converted to right hand drive, a full nut and bolt restoration and final road prep including tracking, and engine set up.

Our Triumph’s stay close to our hearts. The TR7 is a classic rally car. It was sprayed at the garage, fitted with mini light rally wheels and taken to the Devon Classic! On the other end of the spectrum our beautiful 1963 restored TR4 was upgraded for road use and takes a lot less of a beating than the little rally car.


Our in-house VW expert Budz Ballard is your man when it comes to getting your rolling home back on the roads. We all know vans can be a nightmare, sometimes so much goes wrong with mine I ask myself why I bother! But there is character in these classics, your life in the back, a safe place to sleep if necessary, a massive space for dogs to shake off the sand. Vans are perfect in Cornwall. West Cornwall is home to some of the most dramatic coastlines in the country and with so many spots to pull up, have a cuppa, snuggle down overnight, early morning surfs and beach fires in the evening, we understand the van love that runs deep down here. Also, if you’re off on your travels we can order and fit winter tyres to keep you safe during this particularly wild winter.

Class 7 MOT’s

Recently we had a new ramp installed at our MOT garage and we are now completely and fully equipped to deal with class 7 MOT’s down here on Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth. Come down and see for yourself, bring your van, and we’ll show it the TLC it may be craving.



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